Picture source: The Royal Society, Flickr The programming section of this blog has been quite inactive lately. Hence, here’s an interesting little project I did last year. The idea started off as a biophysics class presentation in collaboration with Abhilash Sahoo. From there, I adopted it into an optimization tool through Genetic Algorithms. I’ve used […]

I felt like sharing the solution of a simple yet interesting problem from the end-sem exam of our Numerical Analysis course. I’ve used R (learnt another language, yay!) and OriginPro. The solution involves solving differential equations and interpolation. Edit: The position values in x,y,z have been given in kilometres. Let’s break down the problem: 1. […]

These are tutorials for generating a variety of animations using FORTRAN. Familiarity with FORTRAN syntax, gnuplot, and high-school physics is required. Part 1: The basic idea Part 2: Creating the necessary modules Part 3: Animation of a mass-spring system Part 4: Animation of the Earth revolving around the Sun

All squares on a Monopoly board aren’t equally valuable in terms of payoff. It is common knowledge that the green and the deep blue squares are slightly less visited, whereas, red squares seem to be a lot busier. But these intuitions have no solid proof. Here’s a program which calculates the probability distribution of a […]

I came across this interesting problem yesterday. There are few light bulbs and all of them are switched off. On the first turn, you press the switch of all bulbs, i.e. you turn all of them on. On the second turn, you switch all the second bulbs (2, 4, 6…). On the third turn, you […]

The Random Walk Hypothesis (as stated in Feynman’s Lectures) has always troubled me. Maybe the problem lies in my basic understanding of probability. Whatever it is, I can’t seem to get a grip on it. There is a man who tosses a coin. If heads, he moves one step forward. If tails, he moves one […]

I am a lazy person. I don’t code much. When I get an idea, I spend time pondering whether it’ll be possible to implement it in a code within the limits of my programming knowledge. If yes, then it’s as good as done. If no, then there’s nothing to be done since my ideas are […]