“The room overflowed with the smell of posh liquor as glasses clicked for the fifth time. The soft music soared through their ears, melting whatever guilt or inhibitions they might have had. She was already drunk, her speech slurred, her dress disheveled. Her companion smiled at her and made pleasant conversation. And in a moment, […]

Jim had been waiting for almost an hour. Quite an amazing feat for him, I assure you. He had been swinging two and fro on the gate, blabbering away strange stuff on his own, like little boys often do. Finally the car was seen at the turn. It stopped and out came his parents, his […]

As a child, he used to pretend to be the villain. He would wrap his head up in a black cloth, leaving only his eyes exposed, and run about the house with a makeshift gun, mimicking popular bad-guy lines from the cartoons on TV. His little sister used to be terrified. He enjoyed that. It’s […]

The sound was like that of high quality bass at a rock concert, pounding at our eardrums at regular intervals. A slow and steady beat without a hurry in the world, ignorant of the immense anticipation dancing amidst the silent crowd. I was but one among the hundreds of researchers gathered to witness this historical […]

“A dinosaur? Sure? In here?” “I think so”, she said, as they pushed through the pandemonium towards the centre. The playground resonated with the furore of a few dozen children, no more than 6, that had gathered around something that had captivated the imagination of many. With a little effort, they made it to the […]

“Search the rooms!” There were probably a dozen men. He carefully observed the faces through the tiny crack meant for air. They seemed human. For a second he even considered… Clang! The sound almost made him jump. One of the men emerged from the kitchen dragging Bessie by the hair. His heart broke then and […]


The ancient lump from his childhood poked at his throat once again. He picked up a handful. It was natural, he kept telling himself. No need to get emotional over it. He tried to think of the millions of oxygen atoms snapping perfectly into place on the carbon-filled pieces of paper. Yes, it was the […]

It was almost comical, how his tired brain perceived the figures dancing around him. Few familiar faces stared at him, their lips moving, probably shouting or screaming like they always did at the slightest opportunity. Being oblivious to sound was kind of fun. He almost wanted to linger on for few more seconds. It would […]