The earsplitting screech of a thousand tires mixed with the grinding of heavy machinery — that’s what it sounded like. I was riding my bicycle down to the market on a sunny winter day when this monstrous noise forced me to a halt. It took me a while to figure out what the hell was […]

I showed the full moon to a toddler a few weeks ago. She was mesmerized, transfixed at the sight of this circular, pearly object I pointed at. I felt quite pleased with myself — not every day do we get to invoke such wonder in others so easily. I speculated whether, by some random chance, she […]

Four of us sat on a secluded lawn engulfed in the last golden rays of the day. Our two years at IIMA had passed us by. Now, face to face with the end of our student lives, we were in a rather contemplative mood. The discussion revolved around what we were going to miss about […]

My mood is highly correlated to the weather. More specifically, I need the sun to feel cheerful, motivated, and all other optimistic emotions. My life may turn upside-down but I’ll be happy as long as it’s bright and shiny outside. This hasn’t changed even after living in Ahmedabad where the sun can literally melt roads at […]

A review of my inktober experience with digital painting. May (or may not) be useful for people who want to try out digital art.

Laziness is right at the top on my list of character flaws. Which is why I have never been much interested in sports. Ironically, I carry with me a permanent sports injury. In 10th standard, I was playing as a replacement goalkeeper. The original guy was injured. Halfway through the match, a player stepped on my […]

A nice side effect of being a business student is that it made The Restaurant at the End of the Universe an even more hilarious read than what it would’ve been otherwise. I’m referring to a part of the story known as the ‘B’ Ark, where our protagonists stumble across millions of alien management consultants, […]

It has been many years since I first watched Into the Wild but I find myself revisiting it from time to time. The film is based on the real story of Christopher McCandless, a guy who was repulsed by the materialistic inclinations of society and decided to get away from it all. He was later discovered – […]

I was reading through the blog posts of one of my favorite writers today and I realized I will never be as good. Not in a million years. This is not a hotshot, famous writer I am talking about, this is someone who is still struggling to make a name and probably requires additional jobs to stay afloat. […]

We went to watch Fantastic Beasts last week. The theater was running 15 minutes late and made us wait in line. While standing there with a tub of rapidly dissipating popcorn, I suddenly realized how unaccustomed I have become to queues, waiting, and things not happening as they are supposed to. Good management is only appreciated […]

Disclaimer: This post might not make a lot of sense to most readers. It is mainly written to document some key insights that I want to take away from a book, for self-reference in future. My love for Harper Lee magnified after reading Go Set a Watchman. The book addresses a topic that is extremely […]

I prefer to spend my holidays alone in my room. This has its drawbacks, but it also allows me to make some time for books, movies, etc. Losing oneself in others’ imaginations is quite enriching in my opinion. I decided to try out Life is Strange during this short term break, a game about time […]