Close your eyes, There’s music to be heard. It’s been playing for a while. Hush now, Don’t say a word. Listen for it in the breeze, And in the falling leaves, Feel the pleasant chill, Of this silent autumn eve. Don’t hold your breath, Ease that silly frown, Set lose all inhibitions. There’s a wave coming, Just […]

Let me rest, for I am weary. For a brief moment, let me dream Of all things dear As I sleep holding your finger Through the remaining hours of dawn, Just once more, before I’m gone.

“I used to be a naughty child” That’s what they said to me, So I left the wretched house, Was as happy as I could ever be. There were new people on the streets, White eyes in black sockets, That was when I met a boy, He had picked a hundred pockets. I was useless […]

Once again they scatter; a whirlpool of randomness. Lazy, searching eyes drift across and rest, On a form akin to avian wings. Concrete soothes my back, firm and still, High, surrounding walls bind me to a world unreal, A world of queens and kings. Wings they were, no doubt; what use were wings to clouds? […]