Free market inequality

Let's say there are two individuals: Richy and Bill. Both are completely selfish. Richy, by the astrological virtues of his name, is rich. Bill is poor. One day while strolling they stumble upon 100 bucks stuck under a large boulder. The boulder is large enough to resist the force of an individual pusher but will oblige … Continue reading Free market inequality


Selfishness and altruism

A lot of our current problems can be solved if we could just overcome selfishness. For example, the richest 1% population own more than half of the total human wealth. They could end world poverty by donating a meager 1% of their wealth. Sounds like a simple solution? It's not. There are reasons why we … Continue reading Selfishness and altruism

Thoughts on morality and utilitarianism

"Morality is subjective." If you're about to drop that bomb on someone trying to have a logical argument on morals or ethics, don't do it. It kills the discussion without any productive outcome. There's nothing wrong with the statement itself, but it's ultimately a useless assertion. Subjectiveness is mostly seen as a shapeshifting blob that … Continue reading Thoughts on morality and utilitarianism

The story of stuff

Some courses require us to write a "reflection sheet" after each lecture. And what better way to make it bearable than blogging about it? The documentary Story of Stuff, shown to us during the first lecture of Socio-cultural Environment of Business, describes the negative effects and unsustainability of the modern culture of consumerism. It drew … Continue reading The story of stuff