Hello, I’m Debapriyo, and Scintilla is my blog.

I often stumble onto things that blow tempests through my little play-world. Things such as Tchaikovsky concerts and Studio Ghibli films. Dogs wagging their tails at the scent of my food. Dark and bitter novels by old and bitter Russian authors. The perfect smile on the perfect face. The poetic bloodshed of The Thin Red Line. Sunrise on a cold winter’s day and stormy summer rains. Dire Straits songs and unbelievable lawyers that defend mockingbirds. The list can go on forever. Such things keep me happy and content, perhaps a bit more than I deserve to be.

I play the piano and the Irish tin whistle. I love reading, writing, and browsing random stuff on the internet.

Scintilla is an online journal. I post whatever I feel like. Everything here has the disclaimer: “Inspired by true events.”

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any opinion on the things I write about.

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