Let’s say there are two individuals: Richy and Bill. Both are completely selfish. Richy, by the astrological virtues of his name, is rich. Bill is poor. One day while strolling they stumble upon 100 bucks stuck under a large boulder. The boulder is large enough to resist the force of an individual pusher but will oblige […]

My mood is highly correlated to the weather. More specifically, I need the sun to feel cheerful, motivated, and all other optimistic emotions. My life may turn upside-down but I’ll be happy as long as it’s bright and shiny outside. This hasn’t changed even after living in Ahmedabad where the sun can literally melt roads at […]

A lot of our current problems can be solved if we could just overcome selfishness. For example, the richest 1% population own more than half of the total human wealth. They could end world poverty by donating a meager 1% of their wealth. Sounds like a simple solution? It’s not. There are reasons why we […]