What are we supposed to feel when we discover that most of the things we want to say have already been said hundreds of years ago? Happiness, on realizing we’re not alone? Sadness, that we’re not unique? Just felt like sharing something Dostoevsky wrote: I believe like a child that suffering will be healed and made up […]

The Paperwhite is absolutely beautiful in the dark. The brightness can be turned down to a diffused glow, providing just enough light to read while not hurting the eyes with unnecessary glare. I’ve never had a more soothing reading experience. This gives it a huge edge over traditional paperbacks, especially for bedtime readers who know the pang […]

Seemingly simple solutions often have important underlying concepts which we tend to skip. There is a fun logic riddle involving prisoners on an island. I came across it few years ago. A somewhat modified version of it can be found in this Ted-Ed video: This riddle came up in one of my recent conversations with a friend, and it […]

The sound of the train fades away as I marvel at the little station. There isn’t a soul in sight, not even a stationmaster. A solitary mud road leads into the woods. I pick up my luggage and start walking. The sun has disappeared behind the western hills and an unnerving chill accompanies the twilight. I take […]