Ten minutes of free writing. *** Okay… I’ve done this before. We had a humanities course in the first year of college, and the professor had asked us to do the same thing. I don’t remember what I had written then, but it must have been pretty lame. All such write-ups are lame anyway, I mean, […]

I haven’t explored Bengali literature much and that has always bothered me in a consistent, nagging sort of way. My knowledge of Bengali is limited to 12 years of schooling, Satyajit Ray, and few other novels and short stories. I believe time is better invested in learning one way of doing a particular thing instead of multiple ways […]

Ah, if there is one character that would describe my concept of an ideal human being, it would be Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. His perfection, sadly, confines him to the pages of fiction — more specifically, to a child’s narration of a simplified version of the world. The real world comes with the […]

I’m nearing the end of Crime and Punishment. Dostoevsky is my (new) favorite author. Being in love with his works is like being in a disastrous relationship — you know you’ll go insane if you stick around, but you stick around anyway. I’m a little concerned about my mental health. I’ve returned the book to […]

Someone had mentioned to me that Catch-22 is a funny book, but didn’t care to mention funny in what way. I picked it up expecting a light and humorous read to go along with the heaviness of the other book that I’ve been reading — Crime and Punishment. After a few chapters, I realized that I […]

Music ain’t dead yet.