July 6, 2015

4th Blog Anniversary

I wrote the first post on 22nd July 2011 but the blog itself was created on 6th July 2011, a fact that I had forgotten. However, WordPress was kind enough to remind me about it this year. Which means today is my blog’s 4th birthday!

I started blogging roughly 5-6 years ago; I created, maintained, and deleted three blogs before finally settling on this one. I intend to keep it as long as possible. There aren’t many things in life that I’m proud of, but Scintilla is one of them. It has been a personal scratch-board, outlet, and record keeper of a wonderfully uneventful life. Also, it has provided some much needed distraction whenever I needed it the most.

I was going through some of the old posts today (Memories, Returning Home, etc.) and was surprised at the amount nostalgia they evoked. Like Lester Burnham says:

It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.

Today is a happy day.


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