Long back, I had stumbled upon a short story by J. D. Salinger on the internet. A short story, I feel, is a nice way of getting acquainted with an author’s writing style. The story was titled A Girl I Knew. It unfolded pleasantly under the narrator’s matter-of-fact tone and subtle humor, until the girl was introduced; the writing took on shades of detached admiration and everything […]

It takes us a while to acknowledge that other people are equally sophisticated and unique as ourselves. There’s a term for that: sonder.

I wrote the first post on 22nd July 2011 but the blog itself was created on 6th July 2011, a fact that I had forgotten. However, WordPress was kind enough to remind me about it this year. Which means today is my blog’s 4th birthday! I started blogging roughly 5-6 years ago; I created, maintained, and deleted three […]