January 5, 2015


I had never seen anything like it. I found myself in the middle of a grassy meadow which stretched out till the horizon in all directions; the sky was an unearthly blue and a light breeze fanned my hair, carrying with it the sweet smell of honey-roasted bread. At some distance, a little girl was crouching near a patch of flowers and poking at something with a stick.

She looked up as I walked nearer. There was no mistaking those bright green eyes and the flowing red hair.

“You can see me?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, but continued staring with slightly parted lips. After a while I realized she wasn’t looking at me, but through me. It was only natural.

I stepped aside and followed her gaze. She was watching a boy with black hair. He wore a black overcoat and waved around a twig as if it were a wand. Recognition flooded through me, and I felt a sudden surge of heat as I pulled my face out of the Pensieve.

“What did you see?” Lily asked me.
“One of your dreams from long ago.”
“Ah, it’s rare to find dreams in there,” she said, “They are so tricky to catch!”

Why Severus? — I wanted to ask. For a while, I watched her nursing little Harry, peaceful and happy, and decided against it.



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