December 6, 2014

Brahms’ Lullaby

I felt awfully exhausted after the last exam of the semester, yet I couldn’t sleep. I almost gave up after an hour of tossing and turning on my bed, when suddenly on a whim, I decided to listen to Brahms’ Lullaby (Tom and Jerry, anyone?).

I’ve always regarded it as a beautiful piece of music (those high notes starting at the 54th second, pure eargasm!). This time it broke me. Literally. I could feel my stress thawing and my mind growing peaceful. And I sensed a very real connection with a man I hardly knew, who had lived 3 centuries ago, and also with the musicians who performed this particular interpretation. I thought of the countless people who had felt the same way over the years. Isn’t that true immortality?

I was asleep before I knew it.

P.S.: A good pair of headphones/speakers goes a long way towards setting the proper mood for such music.


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