December 4, 2014

The Silent Symphony

Close your eyes,
There’s music to be heard.
It’s been playing for a while.
Hush now,
Don’t say a word.
Listen for it in the breeze,
And in the falling leaves,
Feel the pleasant chill,
Of this silent autumn eve.
Don’t hold your breath,
Ease that silly frown,
Set lose all inhibitions.
There’s a wave coming,
Just follow the rhythm,
Of playful tickles,
On the back of your neck,
And soon you’ll drown.
Rid yourself of all emotions,
And your mortal thoughts,
Let go of your pain,
Embrace your rightful place,
As a passing observer,
Of much bigger plots.

Your lips part,
Your eyes open wide,
You hear it… don’t you?
The magical ripples,
The everlasting beat,
The haunting pianissimo?

The silent symphony,
I’ve been listening for a while.


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