2014 has been a strange year. The first half was horrible, but the second half made up for that, and more! The last few months have been my happiest months in years. This was not caused by any major event, but an accumulation of several minor ones. I’ve decided to ride on this positivity as long as life […]

Part 2 of the Beautiful Soundtracks series, containing tracks from various TV shows and films. • Arrietty’s Song (Instrumental), The Secret World of Arrietty • Intro Theme, The Pacific • Allegro Cantabile (EP Piano Version), Nodame Cantabile • Por Una Cabeza, used in Schindler’s List and Scent of a Woman • The Merry-go-Round of Life, Howl’s Moving Castle • The Money Train, The Assassination […]

“I feel I’ve missed out on many of the important aspects of this city.” “There’s time.” I was with a friend at College Street and we had spent the last few hours book-shopping. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry. People live such busy lives. Yet, I felt like I had all the time in […]

A brilliant score always makes a movie or a TV series more enjoyable. I’ll be listing some great soundtracks from time to time, in no particular order. • Song for Bob, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford • Forbidden Friendship, How to Train Your Dragon • Main Theme, Scent of a Woman • Mononoke’s Theme, Princess […]

We are perfect here,
The world has turned and left us.
All alone tonight,
I have no words,
To describe how it feels,
To be lying with you,
And you would never need words to tell me.

Oh kiss me now,
Like sugar and cinnamon!
Don’t speak a word,
And tell me everything.
Say nothing now,
And we know how sweet silence sounds.
How sweet silence sounds.

And if the sun arose,
We don’t even notice.
If the day creeps and we are free,
There are no words to keep us,
Only hands to hold us,
And nothing left between us but silence.

A friend of mine wrote a nice article on the meaningful debate last year: link. I’ll use the same definition of the topic here. I think the meaningful debate is a lost art. In fact, I’m not sure if it was ever present anywhere except strictly scientific contexts. I crave for it. To me, it feels enriching to […]

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I felt awfully exhausted after the last exam of the semester, yet I couldn’t sleep. I almost gave up after an hour of tossing and turning on my bed, when suddenly on a whim, I decided to listen to Brahms’ Lullaby (Tom and Jerry, anyone?). I’ve always regarded it as a beautiful piece of music (those high […]

Close your eyes, There’s music to be heard. It’s been playing for a while. Hush now, Don’t say a word. Listen for it in the breeze, And in the falling leaves, Feel the pleasant chill, Of this silent autumn eve. Don’t hold your breath, Ease that silly frown, Set lose all inhibitions. There’s a wave coming, Just […]

I often feel disappointed when people around me don’t appreciate the same music as me, or rather, when everyone else listens to the same shit. I spent most of my teenage years believing that I just had “better taste”. Vanity comes easily when you listen to the Beatles among a crowd that goes gaga over ‘Dard-e-Disco’. […]