November 27, 2014

Music questionnaire!

I’ve recently been active on 8tracks. This is a questionnaire I found there and I removed all superlatives for my convenience.

Q: What song is currently stuck in your head?

Yellow Flicker Beat. The chorus is quite catchy.

Q: What song cheers you up?

Around Us. There’s something special about the tune or the lyrics, or a mixture of both.

Q. What song describes you?

Honestly, I got nothing! Although I really wish I could say I am a Rock, because that would be so darn cool. But sadly I’m not a loner any more.

Q. What song brings back memories?

Brothers in Arms. Great memories and great song.

Q. What song gets on your nerves?

Emptiness. I keep hearing it everywhere so much that it’s not funny any more! People need to stop playing the same song over and over, or get earphones.

Q. If you can get any artist to personally perform a song for you, who and what song will it be?

I would feel very uncomfortable making some big artist perform something just for me.

Q. What song describes your current mood?

Chop Suey! In case you’re wondering what mood that is, I don’t know either. Exams are going on; what do you expect?

Q. What song’s live performance did you enjoy?

There are countless. Right now this performance of Sultans of Swing comes to mind.

Q. What song would you like to dedicate to your crush/lover?

Answer withheld.

Q. What song do you think is a lyrical masterpiece?

There are many. A good example would be The Boxer.

Such are promises; all lies and jest
Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest.

Q. What song best describes your past relationship(s)?

Erm… something like this instrumental version of Habanera.

Q. Suppose the world will end in few minutes. What song would you play?

The Sound of Silence. Too much of Simon & Garfunkel in this post? Well, they’re too awesome. I can’t think of a more apt song for the end of the world.

Q. Given the opportunity, what song would you broadcast into space (for aliens)?

Beethoven’s 5th. A classical piece because I feel they are more structured sound waves, and should be more attractive to an alien species. However, I agree with Stephen Hawking’s theory that trying to contact aliens might be too risky.

Q. What song scares you?

How to Disappear Completely. This song should scare anyone who has paid attention to the lyrics. It’s also strangely calming, making it even more scary.

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. “If you have anything on the lines of ‘I think you’re cute’, insert it here.”

    How can you forget Wonderwall? BTW, I’m not leaving you alone till you tell me who she is.

    • I never thought much about Wonderwall’s lyrics. Just looked it up on songmeanings and you’re somewhat right. Thanks! Now get off my blog and forget all about it. 😛

  2. Anyone who likes Dire Straits can’t be all bad. 😉



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