November 17, 2014

Q&A 2

I figured that it is easier to answer questions than write new posts. Here is another fun Q&A I found on the internet.

Q. Why do you blog?

Mostly because it’s fun. It is my space on the internet. Whatever I write here stays, and I often surprise myself when I read past posts. Wouldn’t it be nice when I’m significantly older and have writings from my 18 year old self to read? I think everyone should blog; there are very few better ways to waste time.

Q. What was today like?

I woke up with a sweet after taste of some dream that I don’t remember. I was tensed about a presentation I had to deliver later and preparations for it kept me occupied till noon. But it went fine, and I just had a most refreshing cup of coffee. So it’s been a jolly good day.

Q. What trait do you find most attractive in a person?

Composure. A very rare and underrated trait.

Q. Who do you think is the hottest person on earth?

Among men, Brad Pitt. Among women, Emma Watson.

Q. Suppose you could have any superpower. What ability would you choose?

I’ve spent quite a while thinking about that during my daydreams. It seems obvious that any ability related to fighting would be pretty underwhelming unless I want to live my life as a wrestling champion or a criminal, which I don’t. I might dedicate an entire post to my theories about the topic of superpowers later.

To answer the question, I would like the simple power of enhanced mental thought. That should get me everything I want.

Q. What would you do if you won a billion dollars?

Put it in a bank, live off its interest, and follow risky dreams without any fear of going broke. And buy a grand piano.

Q. If you could make the entire world listen to one song, what would it be?

This is hard! If it is the entire world, then keeping in mind the language barriers, I would go with something instrumental. Also something that is peaceful and calm and happy, because that is what the world needs.

Right now I can think of nothing better than Ravel’s Bolero. It is basically the same melody repeated over and over and over, a long crescendo ending with an orgasmic jumble. It takes a little time to grow on you. The whisper will become a roar before you know it, and it will resonate in your head for years to come.

If classical isn’t your thing, you may listen to a lovely modern piece derived from the above: here.

Q. Post photos of the last three things you touched.

Such obnoxious orders labelled as questions. Well, here are the three home-screens of my phone.





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