I’ve recently been active on 8tracks. This is a questionnaire I found there and I removed all superlatives for my convenience. Q: What song is currently stuck in your head? Yellow Flicker Beat. The chorus is quite catchy. Q: What song cheers you up? Around Us. There’s something special about the tune or the lyrics, or […]

It’s 3AM, and I can’t study any more. Hence I shall post a rather incomplete draft I wrote few days back, so that I can sleep knowing I got something done today. Sometimes I find a random personal blog and read it completely over few days. The authors almost always start off with poor or average writing […]

I felt like sharing the solution of a simple yet interesting problem from the end-sem exam of our Numerical Analysis course. I’ve used R (learnt another language, yay!) and OriginPro. The solution involves solving differential equations and interpolation. Edit: The position values in x,y,z have been given in kilometres. Let’s break down the problem: 1. […]

I figured that it is easier to answer questions than write new posts. Here is another fun Q&A I found on the internet. Q. Why do you blog? Mostly because it’s fun. It is my space on the internet. Whatever I write here stays, and I often surprise myself when I read past posts. Wouldn’t […]

Exams are nearing again. That means more blogging! Anything to escape studies. 1. Did I mention I love our new hostel? It’s been almost an year since we moved here. The rooms are spacious and the hostel has all the facilities expected from an Indian Institute. It’s spread out over a large area as opposed to […]


Random questions that I found on a blog. Q. Were you named after anyone? No. But our house in Asansol was named after me. 😀 Q. When was the last time you cried? Last year I suppose. Q. Do you like your handwriting? Not particularly. But I can make it pretty if I want. Q. What is your favorite […]