May 25, 2014

Driving to the beach

I’ve been driving to the beach every morning for the past few days. By morning, I mean before sunrise and before the joggers and morning walkers start buzzing around. Dawn has always been my favourite time of the day. In spite of all my crazy and unhealthy routines, the habit of rising early has somehow stuck to me and for that I’m glad.

Watching the sky clear over the vast and endless water from a deserted beach is as humbling as anything can be. It makes me feel the pettiness of my daily happinesses and sorrows, and the temporary nature of everything and everyone around me. Most of it won’t even leave a mark, as if it never existed, like sandcastles made with care. The only thing that matters is our conciousness as a race of observant beings, as without our senses the world with all its beauty will be meaningless and unappreciated.

This is most probably the last few days of me living in Navi Mumbai, and for that I’m super glad. Despite all the dazzle and broad roads, it never grew into a home within the narrow gaps of the vacations that I spend here. My hostel is the only place where I feel ‘at home’ nowadays. I wish college would go on forever and we could stay together with friends, doing our day to day activities and yet having a wonderful time. The exams can be left out though.


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