C and H box

All of Calvin and Hobbes packed neatly in a box and presented to me on my 20th birthday. Thanks mom and dad! Things couldn’t get much better than this.

You see, this isn’t just another comic strip. I’ve loved it long enough to have attached memories, and C&H memories are always fond ones. That adds up with the joy of the comic itself, making the box nothing short of a bundle of happiness.

I’ve been meaning to buy it on my own for few years now, but the price held me back. Now that I have it, I decided to write a short review on the product.

The box contains four paperback volumes. The first volume begins with a brilliant introduction by Bill Watterson, where he gives us an overview of his life and how Calvin and Hobbes came to be. The strips are arranged in chronological order, with two pages of weekday strips (three strips per page) followed by a colored and full-page Sunday comic. The paper quality is superb, and the colors are dazzling, vibrant and beautiful. However, the best thing is the design of the entire package which makes it a perfect collectible.

When you unwrap the outer plastic, you find a note from the publisher:

C and H publisher

This is glued to one side, but comes off without leaving a single trace of glue behind. You are left with a clean box colored after Hobbes. No annoying stickers or labels; just a simple picture of the characters on either side, perfect for a nitpicker like me.

In case I haven’t made it clear already, if you love Calvin and Hobbes, go for it. If you want to win over a Calvin and Hobbes fan, gift it to him/her for guaranteed success. If you have a kid (who wouldn’t destroy the books), let him/her grow up with it. This box set is worth every penny.


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