June 20, 2013

Thoughts on CoD MW

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the coolest game that my cheap laptop can support, and I’ve been playing the multiplayer for more than 2 years now under the name Ghost (not regularly, but there have been phases). However, I’ve been immensely dissatisfied with how others play it.

I have a strong affinity for properly planned strategies. But, in a game where you re-spawn 5 seconds after death, chaos is inevitable as people are always running about enthusiastically without a hint of fear.

So I’ve spent hours thinking of the way I’d make a team if everyone decided to cooperate and play the ‘proper’ way.

(Note: The ‘proper’ way is just cooler, and is in no way more efficient than the random running around. In the end, the players with better control almost always win, regardless of strategy. This is just a game after all.)

Mode: Normal (non-hardcore)
Map: Creek
Type: Team Deathmatch (5 vs 5)

The Silent Killer

Primary Weapon: MP5 with silencer
Secondary Weapon: M9 with silencer
Perks: Bomb Squad, UAV Jammer, Dead Silence

MP5                 M9

He needs to be the lone wolf, staying away from the rest of the team. Dead silence ensures that he can run around without being heard, while bomb squad protects him from running into enemy claymores. The silenced weapon and the UAV jammer keeps him off the enemy radar, giving him flanking opportunities while the enemy is engaged to the rest of the team. Also remember, MP5 and M9 share the same ammo!

The Heavy Gunners (x2)

Primary Weapon: M60E4 with grip
Secondary Weapon: Desert Eagle
Perks: Double Tap, Deep Impact

M60                   Eagle

These two guys are out there with the sole purpose of attracting attention. Their massive guns will kill whatever doesn’t kill them. Double tap increases their fire rate, whereas deep impact make their bullets penetrate walls. They should occupy the center of the map and empty their huge rounds at the slightest sight of an enemy. Needless to say, these guys will die the most.

The All-Rounder

Primary Weapon 1: M4 Carbine with grenade launcher
Primary Weapon 2: M14 with red dot sight
Perks: Overkill, Extreme Conditioning

M4A1                M14

The post for the best player of the team. He is the buffer, adapting himself according to the needs of the situation. Overkill allows him to carry two primary weapons, allowing him a lot of versatility, while extreme conditioning makes him highly mobile so that he can easily go wherever he is needed. The M4 Carbine helps him while he’s on the run, allowing him to drop grenades on appearing enemies. The M14 helps him take out faraway enemies.

The Sniper

Primary Weapon: M21
Secondary Weapon: USP .45
Perks: Claymore x2, Stopping Power, Deep Impact

M21                   USP

The ghili suits are simply too awesome to ignore. They allow snipers to hide rather easily. In creek, he just needs to camp in front of a bush and he’ll be almost invisible. It’s his duty to take out the enemies who’ll fire at the heavy gunners. Also, he can plant claymores to keep enemies from sneaking up on him. Stopping power helps him take out enemies with one shot, and deep penetration allows him to keep shooting at those who run behind walls for cover.

So there.


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