May 24, 2013


It was almost comical, how his tired brain perceived the figures dancing around him. Few familiar faces stared at him, their lips moving, probably shouting or screaming like they always did at the slightest opportunity. Being oblivious to sound was kind of fun. He almost wanted to linger on for few more seconds.

It would be fair to say he enjoyed it. The faint sensation of hands cradling the back of his head, the everlasting knowledge of victory, but mostly, the peacefulness of the entire thing.

War lulls many to sleep, and he felt no need for mindless conflict.



Note: I didn’t have much to do, so I felt like participating in a writing challenge. This is supposed to continue for a month, having 30 words as prompts . Knowing myself, I’ll probably give up midway, but hey, it never hurts.

30 days writing challenge

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  1. For the New Year, I wanted to challenge myself to write since I stopped writing because I couldn’t finish a story. So, I stumbled across here and wow! I should try this challenge. 🙂

  2. […] I did something like this for myself last year I want to do it again. I found this writing challenge and I am eager to try […]

  3. It sounds like we went to different schools together, when it comes to writing styles.



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