How much does the tag cloud say about my blog and myself? I was just browsing through today and it caught my attention because it has become something that I never expected it to be.

I’ve always assumed that I wrote mostly about philosophy. But the cloud says otherwise. The biggest word gaping at me is ‘ME’, which is quite natural since I am, you can say, a self-centered person. This blog is a type of journal after all, so no issues with that.

What bothers me is that topics like ‘loneliness’, ‘dilemma’ and ‘love’ have gained such huge sizes. It almost made me start to review my life. I’ve thought of myself as happy and self-content, though people who see me would find me rather depressed because of my body language (which is something I cannot control). And I am NOT lonely in any way, since I am a loner and loners don’t get lonely (usually); rather they love being alone. As for ‘dilemma’, I rarely have conflicting thoughts (like the one I wrote about recently). I also rarely have any particular interest about ‘love’, so how did it become one of the most used tags?

Maybe tags serve as insights within myself, revealing some facts that I don’t know about. For instance, what if I am secretly lonely? Like, being lonely and not getting to know about it. Haha, sounds legit.

I guess I’ll have to accept that there’s no subtlety attached to this. The root of this anomaly can be traced to WordPress’ tagging system. When you write a post, it automatically shows you your popular tags, asking you to select from them, or create new tags. I, being overtly lazy, always choose the existing ones even if they aren’t remotely relate to the actual topic of the post. It just happened to be that the tags I mentioned were there from the start (because I copied some of the posts from my old blogs at the beginning, and I was quite disgustingly unhappy back then).

Case closed. Somehow I don’t exactly feel like Sherlock Holmes though.

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  1. I think we generally tend to write about sadder stuff than about happier stuff… because they make better reading material.



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