March 18, 2012

Random rhyme

“I used to be a naughty child”
That’s what they said to me,
So I left the wretched house,
Was as happy as I could ever be.
There were new people on the streets,
White eyes in black sockets,
That was when I met a boy,
He had picked a hundred pockets.
I was useless and a bit spoiled,
That’s what he said to me,
I gave him a punch or two,
Crippled for life, was he.
Those urchins under him cheered,
Claimed I was their king,
Never did I care for such bondage,
And I disappeared with the wind.

Ten years later when the sun rose,
A fine young man, I had become,
I had friends at the roadside diner,
Who supplied bottles of rum.
And one day I fell in love,
Thought I’d let her know,
But her parents were uptown bums,
So she calmly said “no”.
I should be feeling sad, I thought,
I tried to jump off a bank,
But my friends, they held me back,
Said she wasn’t worth a wank.

One day I decided to hit the road,
Just looking for a change,
I walked past twenty more years,
And came to a house rather strange.
There existed an old man there,
Not kind enough to live,
He had some money saved up,
Which he didn’t want to give.
So I went in with an ax and a knife,
Slit his arms and legs,
Took his coins and marched off,
Bought some ham and eggs.
Dunno why the police came to me,
I was sent to jail,
But they had neither witness nor proof,
So they released me on bail.

Several more years later,
The sun was shining again,
Science had improved and people laughed,
‘Sif they were the ones that gained.
I felt a soothing pain in my leg,
For which they gave me a crutch,
The doc said I had bla bla bla,
And it would cost me much.
But I was that old man now,
Not kind enough to live,
I had some money saved up,
Which I didn’t want to give.
Later one day I was down on the floor,
Blood dripping from my head,
The servant raised an alarm fast,
But I was already dead.


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