“This is highly unacceptable! We have been wronged and stripped of our basic rights! But hear you me, my brothers, we shall not stand down!” The voice boomed from all around in the fairly large conference hall, but seemed to have no effect on the silent audience. No stir of approval, no rustling agitation, no […]

Fate/Stay Night will be my first anime review. If you are actually planning to watch it, I warn you; this will be full of spoilers. Name: Fate/Stay Night Genres: Fantasy, romance, action Episodes: 24 My rating: 7/10 It was no coincidence that we met, For it’s a fate arranged long ago. Like most fantasy animes, this one has rules of its own. A war is going on among seven […]

Genre: Alternative pop Artist: Paper Aeroplanes Album: The Day We Ran Into The Sea Songwriters: Sarah Howells, Richard Llewellyn Lost like the sun in a summer, Lost like my words to your ears, Lost like the notion of now and forever, And like my comfortable years. To go a long way round to find this out, And […]

As you people know, there’s something called the ‘WordPress.com stats helper monkeys’, which publishes a post about how your blog has been going over the past year. For the past 30 minutes, I’ve been trying to get my blog reviewed and have failed. Probably because my blog is less than a year old. Or maybe because […]

Strangely, till a few hours ago I had never spent a waking New Year’s midnight in the physical presence of another human being. It’s in no way by choice. In fact, I realized it just today. Mostly I’m a friendless person; a loner in other words. Partying and dancing with a group of human beings is […]