July 22, 2011

A new day

A new blog, for a new start.

I’ve created few blogs already, and then, ditched all of them. This is a result of a fast and randomly changing mindset, that doesn’t let me stick to anything in particular, and worse, makes me hate my own creations from which I used to derive satisfaction. I figure I need to stabilize myself and concentrate on something in particular.

Of course it’s great to be someone with varied tastes. Life never gets ‘boring’, but the achievement scales keep pointing at zero. Thanks to those human beings who work their asses off in their particular fields, leaving no space for casual, experimenting people. There’s no way I can possibly get anywhere when I’m after everything at once.

I needed a new blog. To start afresh. To write of things I haven’t written before. They say you should be in the practice of regular writing, writing about things that matter and things that don’t. And you should be spontaneous, writing in a flow, and not pausing to think about what you’re putting down. I’m certain that I want to do it. And for a change, I don’t care whether there are readers or not.

After 18 long years, I’ve finally turned 18 today. Not that I was particularly eager to, but I did anyway. And what better way than a personal output site to kick off adulthood with some pretended maturity?


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  1. […] wrote the first post on 22nd July 2011 but the blog itself was created on 6th July 2011, a fact that I had forgotten. […]



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