Once again they scatter; a whirlpool of randomness. Lazy, searching eyes drift across and rest, On a form akin to avian wings. Concrete soothes my back, firm and still, High, surrounding walls bind me to a world unreal, A world of queens and kings. Wings they were, no doubt; what use were wings to clouds? […]

Keeping the rather interesting fact in mind that the primary (and probably, the only) reader of this blog is myself, I’ve decided to come up with another perfectly self-centered post. Let’s just say, it’s meant to be a preservative to my current self, amidst the ever-changing state of things and mind. Either this will jog […]

Misty, winter evenings have a way of overwhelming me. It’s sadistic. On 9th December, I knew that the last homewards journey from school would be more memorable than the last day itself. It’s not that anything special happened. In fact, a premature darkness had set in due to an overcast sky. By the time I […]

Winter had set in with unprecedented severity. In the brightness of the day, his tired eyes had noted the malfunctioning gate, and it was there that he was presently headed. Shuffling on through the snow-filled deserted street, he was mocked by occasional bright windows containing warm and happy families. He didn’t manage to get in […]

[Note: Site theme and title have been changed later. This post is no longer relevant.] Is my blog title inspired by Queen? Yes, and no, at the same time. For instance, I don’t think I’d have come up with the phrase had it not been for Bohemian Rhapsody. But I like to believe otherwise. The […]

A new blog, for a new start. I’ve created few blogs already, and then, ditched all of them. This is a result of a fast and randomly changing mindset, that doesn’t let me stick to anything in particular, and worse, makes me hate my own creations from which I used to derive satisfaction. I figure I need […]